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Extraordinary leather gloves

15 November 2019



After several weeks of searching for the ideal leather, we proudly present you our new glove collection made of two extraordinary leathers!

Extraordinarily real? Yes, that's what we thought when we put on these deerskin gloves for the first time! Our Neapolitan manufacture had explained to us the qualities of this leather, which is said to be much softer than most leathers, but the result surprised us anyway, comfort that far exceeded our expectations - even though it was already high. Deerskin is relatively unknown: Although it is not uncommon, the quantities available are not very large. Therefore, it is traditionally reserved for large luxury houses that offer these gloves at much higher prices: We prefer to let more people experience this extraordinary leather! It is very flexible and light, which makes it particularly suitable for glove making, as the leather of the hand allows a lot of freedom of movement. But that wasn't enough for us: we also chose it because it is very beautiful. Its completely natural grain in combination with its matt look offers a very elegant look!

If you are looking for more formal gloves - or if you already have deerskin gloves... we have also worked on a calfskin model that is also softer than most other types of leather. A clever detail are the suede spaces between the fingers, which underline the elegant look and add an interesting second texture.


The highly resistant leather of the "Forest King" is nevertheless one of the most flexible, it makes it an ideal leather for the production of gloves with little wrinkling. Its natural grain and matt colour give the deerskin a very beautiful appearance, which develops a wonderful patina over time. In addition to these properties, it is a rather rare leather that is almost exclusively processed by the big luxury houses - and now also by us! We have lined it with cashmere for even more softness.




  • - Three classic and easy to wear colours: black, grey and dark brown
  • - 100% cashmere lining for even more comfort
  • - Decorative seams for a relaxed look
  • - 3 quilting seams on the back of the hand
  • - Elastic, gathered waistband at wrist


Calfskin, known for its great finesse, is incredibly soft, smooth and supple. Calfskin comes from a young animal whose skin is not yet characterized by natural defects or scratches. It is therefore particularly appreciated for the production of elegant leather goods. For an even more refined line, we have created a suede edging between the fingers, tone in tone on the black and navy gloves and a slight contrast on the brown model.




  • - Three classic and easy-to-wear colours: black, navy blue and brown
  • - 100%  cashmere lining for even more comfort
  • - suede insert for a beautiful, complementary texture
  • - 3 quilting seams on the back of the hand for the optical extension of the hand
  • - Wrist strap with slit in same colour for more wearing comfort

And to harmonize with the gloves, think about wool and cashmere beanies and merino wool scarves. Also, made in Italy and available in a variety of colors, they will help you spend the winter in warmth.