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How to care for men's leather gloves

12 September 2023

Leather has long been a staple of men's wardrobes. It embodies style, fashion and timeless elegance. Among the leather items that have their place in men's wardrobes, the leather gloves occupy a particularly chic position. They add a sophisticated touch to any outfit and are perfect for tackling the elements in style. However, to maintain their beauty and durability, it's essential to look after these fashion accessories. In this article, we'll explore the best ways to care for leather, the weak spots on men's leather gloves, and provide recommendations for keeping these precious accessories looking their best for as long as possible.

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Leather: a timelessly stylish material

Leather gloves for men are a perfect example of combining style and function. They can be worn with casual or formal attire, always adding a touch of elegance. However, to keep them looking smart, it's essential to look after them properly.

The best ways to care for your leather

Clean regularly: The first step to keeping your leather gloves in good condition is to clean them regularly. Use a soft, clean cloth to remove dust and dirt from the leather surface. For stubborn stains, you can use a mild leather cleaner.

Moisturise leather: Leather needs moisture to stay supple and prevent it from drying out. Use a quality leather care product to deeply nourish the leather. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging the leather.

Protect against moisture: Avoid wearing your leather gloves in wet weather, as moisture can damage the leather. If your gloves do get wet, leave them to dry at room temperature, away from sources of direct heat. Do not expose them to the sun to speed up the drying process, as this may cause them to crack.

Store them properly: When you're not wearing your leather gloves, store them in a cool, dry place. Use a soft cloth bag to avoid scratches and exposure to dust.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid exposing your leather gloves to harsh chemicals such as perfume, hairspray or household cleaning products. These products can damage the leather and alter its colour.

Weak spots on leather gloves

When it comes to looking after leather gloves, it's essential to know which areas are likely to wear out more quickly. Here are a few vulnerable areas to keep an eye on:

Seams: Seams are sensitive areas on leather gloves. Check the seams regularly to make sure they are not coming apart. If you spot any loose threads, repair them immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Folding areas: Leather gloves tend to fold at the finger joints. These areas can become fragile over time. When storing them, try not to fold the gloves excessively to avoid permanent creases.

Friction zones: If you regularly wear your leather gloves when driving, the zones in contact with the steering wheel can wear down more quickly. To avoid this, turn your gloves regularly to distribute the wear more evenly.

Recommendations for keeping your gloves as long as possible

Invest in quality: When buying leather gloves for men, invest in quality. Well-made leather gloves are more durable and will stand the test of time better.

Wear them with care: Avoid wearing your leather gloves in situations where they could be exposed to abrasive or corrosive elements. For example, remove them before gardening or DIY.

Touch them up if necessary: If your leather gloves start to show signs of wear, don't hesitate to have them repaired by a leather professional. Early repairs can considerably extend the life of your gloves.

Alternate with other pairs: If you have several pairs of leather gloves, alternate them to avoid excessive wear. This will also allow each pair to rest between uses.

In conclusion, men's leather gloves are an essential part of any man's wardrobe, adding a touch of style and elegance to any outfit. To maintain their chic and durability, it's crucial to follow good leather care habits, watch out for fragile spots and take steps to protect them. With the right care, your leather gloves will remain a stylish accessory that will complement your men's look for many years to come.