24 février 2023

Our essentials seen on Instagram

Overshirt, chino pants or shirt - how are our favorite content creators wearing The Nines' essentials? We analyzed 4 looks that cover everything from retro chic to cowboy looks.

Look 1 : First in class

At the center of this look is our navy blue corduroy jacket, which gives the outfit an interesting and casual twist. The full-time teacher pairs our jacket with gray flannel pants, leather loafers, a striped shirt, and a tie with patterns that remind us a bit of geometry (coincidence?). Even if we're not in math class, we can learn a lot from Thierry: he combines different materials together (flannel, leather, corduroy...), which gives the look depth and structure. At the same time, different styles are brought together. The pants and shirt are elegant, while the cap, shoes and tie give a retro touch to the look. And what else is missing? A touch of coolness, our corduroy jacket takes care of that and Thierry himself!

Look 2 : Wild West elegance

Alex is a photographer and director, so it's no surprise that he's now immersed in a western scene. His look is however a more elegant variation of the classic cowboy due to the chambray shirt with the Japanese selvedge (unfortunately sold out, we put a link to an alternative). The weave of the chambray gives a mottled look that is often confused with denim. Denim is often coarser, but thanks to the lighter chambray fabric and modern mandarin collar, the overall look is more noble without losing its authenticity. The color of the shirt does the rest: it picks up the colors of nature and the sky and complements the structure of the tweed vest. We would almost forget that we are still in Brittany and not in the Wild West!

Look 3: Lay it on me

What would mid-season be without layering: We would always be either overdressed or underdressed. Indeed, it can be difficult to dress appropriately these last weeks. In the morning it's still quite cool, but in the afternoon it's already pleasantly warm. Nevertheless, we think that the transition period is (also) the time when we dress best. Like Yves, his outfit has many facets (literally)! Starting at the bottom, the personal shopper combines a light blue button-down shirt with a dark green knit tie. Thanks to its zipper, the dark blue sweater still shows off the bottom layers. The top layer is our beige wool overshirt. It stands out from the rest of the outfit both in color and material and thus highlights the layering. So you can take off one layer per degree of temperature increase and still be well dressed!

Look 4: Office casual

Flo called this look "office casual" and we couldn't have found a better name. The white sneakers and the white shirt with reverse collar bring a modern touch, while the chino pants are casual but classic. The overshirt then functions as a kind of stylistic bridge between smart and casual. In general, the jacket is often the focal point of an outfit and can steer the whole look in a certain direction. Yet, for many, the choice of jacket is difficult. With this beige overshirt, we've solved the problem. Thanks to Flo for this inspiration!

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