13 mai 2014

Socks are becoming real fashion accessories

Socks have become real fashion accessories for men. With the appearance of shorter and shorter male trousers, men can no longer neglect the colour of their socks or knee-socks. A certain domesticated eccentricity is becoming increasingly popular, leaving each man free to appropriate his own dress codes, and in particular to choose the colours that suit him best. Two categories of men stand out as regards socks.

Discreet men

They prefer navy blue socks, black socks or gray socks, and go-anywhere business socks, which do not give much eccentricity to their outfit. Their simplicity makes them elegant but does not set them apart from the crowd.

Chaussettes grises

The fanciful men

On the other hand, the fanciful men is more ready to appropriate a style of their own: they are adventurous and do not hesitate to put on socks in bright colours, or patterned socks. However, we recommend that you avoid socks with humorous patterns, which do not provide a gentlemanly look, but rather a childish style.

Banish synthetic materials that damage your feet and promote odours, and put on virgin wool socks in winter and Scottish lisle socks in summer! The length of your socks is not to be neglected, either: it is always preferable to maintain the regulation height for not revealing hairy calves.

The House of Socks will fulfill all your expectations: pastels, bright colours, patterned socks, all the colours and combinations that you are considering are offered on our website. The time of the forgotten socks is over: it is now necessary to show a bit more liveliness! You can find all the socks and knee-socks in Scottish yarn and wool from the House of Socks on our website.


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