26 octobre 2021

Tactile gloves: how do they work?

Touchscreen gloves in deerskin

Gloves really are indispensable in winter ... but be honest, how often have you missed a call because you didn't get your gloves off in a hurry? And what an ordeal to take a good photo in the freezing cold ?

To solve these minor winter discomforts and be comfortable with the cold, there is a solution: touchscreen gloves !

To start with, it is of course obvious that you cannot write page-long declarations of love on your smartphone even with touchscreen gloves, but you can make a phone call without any problems. Feelings always come across better orally anyway.

Let's have a look at this clever mix of technology, comfort and elegance !

And how do gloves become touchscreen compatible?

How do gloves become touchscreen compatible?

To understand how touchscreen gloves work, you first need to look at how the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet is configured. The number of different technologies is high, but, to put it simply, the screen of a mobile phone consists of a capacitive layer containing a top glass layer, which in turn is covered with a transparent, conductive material. This conductive material is activated as soon as a finger or object interacts with the screen.

Accordingly, there are several manufacturing methods for touchscreen gloves that make them touchscreen compatible:

In the first method, a piece of conductive material is sewn onto the fingertips. This manufacturing method is usually limited to knitted gloves. However, not the entire palm, but only one, or sometimes two, fingertips are touchscreen compatible.

The second method involves incorporating a conductive silver or copper wire into the fabric of the glove to conduct the electrical signal.

The third and most elaborate method is to inject silver nanoparticles into the leather, making the entire palm of the glove conductive and not just the fingertips.

High quality materials right up to the fingertips

Touchscreen gloves in deerskin dark

What do sheep, lambs and deer have to do with each other? They are all mammals, you say? Correct, but that's not what we meant. The leather of these animals is the most commonly used in the leather goods industry and is used in particular for making gloves.

Lamb leather is the most sought-after leather for gloves because of its incredible fineness and exceptional softness.

Deerskin is much rarer, but even more supple than lambskin, which means it offers greater freedom of movement and hardly wrinkles at all. Another popular feature of deerskin is its natural grain and matt colour, which defy the years. And this is exactly the leather we used to make our second generation touchscreen leather gloves.

Another sought-after leather in glove making is Cabretta leather. Cabretta is a breed of sheep with fine fur that can be used to make a very high-quality leather that combines elasticity and resistance.

Lining, the best friend of cold sensitives

Lining touchscreen gloves

The lining is an extremely important element when choosing gloves.

First and foremost, the lining of gloves adds warmth and increases comfort. However, depending on the material, it can also provide an even more luxurious and neat finish. Among the highest-quality linings of gloves are cashmere and silk. The former offers a wonderfully soft, warming cocoon, especially in winter, whereas silk brings a little more lightness and a high degree of suppleness.

Cold sensitive persons should additionally make sure to choose gloves not only with an elasticated cuff, but also a press-stud strap that allows for better heat retention.

How to wear leather gloves?

Of course, that depends entirely on the glove model. There are countless different designs in terms of materials, colours, lining and decorative details. Depending on the model, you can wear leather gloves with a very formal and modern outfit as well as in a more casual bikers look.

How to wear leather gloves?

In general, we recommend you to choose at least one pair of leather gloves in classic, dark leather colours such as brown or black, as these are the easiest to combine. Because the golden rule is: leather accessories are matched! Hence, if you wear black leather shoes and a black leather belt every day, then put on black leather gloves too.

If you already have one or two classic gloves in your wardrobe, you can of course go for other colours. A dark green, a light cognac brown or a deep navy blue look great and offer a nice change from black and brown leather gloves.

How do you care for leather touchscreen gloves?

Leather is a material that changes over time. Depending on how you use it, it usually becomes softer and acquires a patina. To keep leather gloves looking like new for a long time, we recommend that you avoid contact with natural elements such as water, prolonged exposure to sunlight, dryness and humidity as much as possible.

As leather is sensitive to external influences, it is best to store them dry in their original packaging or a cardboard case over the summer season. Be sure to protect your leather gloves from chemicals such as ink or perfume, as these can mark your gloves forever.

Your gloves are stained? Try gently removing the stain with a mild soap and a clean cloth. If it's a grease stain, a natural powder made from clay is a good option as it absorbs the grease.

You certainly understand that leather touchscreen gloves are not sports gloves and are therefore not suitable for a stage of the Tour of Britain.

Erwan, founder of The Nines, about the touchscreen leather gloves

Touchscreen gloves for men

"When we were working on the second generation of our touchscreen leather gloves, the first thing we did was to ask for and evaluate your feedback on our first model. After that, a trip to Naples was due to visit our manufacturer Daniele. Together we decided to use the more robust and supple deerskin instead of lambskin. We also improved the touchscreen compatibility by now treating the leather before the dyeing process. This way, the touchscreen treatment penetrates deeper into the deerskin and stays there. Our final tests were successful: These traditional-looking and traditionally-made pairs are much more modern than they seem!" Erwan

So, convinced? Then take a closer look at our leather touchscreen gloves.

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