5 juillet 2018

The grenadine silk that will make you thirsty of elegance

A full-fledged weave

The silk grenadine tie is without a doubt an important piece of a man’s wardrobe. This woven silk is a rare fabric.

Using a unique weaving technique, silk grenadine ties keep traditional production codes. As a matter of fact, it’s only manufactured in Italy on antique, centuries-old looms.

Far from being nostalgic, our artisans use them, because they’re slower than modern-day looms. This allows them to be more precise in their handiwork.

You can tell at a glance that grenadine silk and knitted fabrics have many similarities. However, they should not be mistaken for one another. Grenadine weaves the warp and the weft threads together (complex frame).

That way, you can transform great classics like the knitted tie or the silk tie or even the bow tie!

red blue navy grenadine silk tie

green grenadine silk tie

A look in and of itself

Grenadine silk is a textured fabric that contrasts any kind of outfit, whether it’s formal or more casual. This gives your sartorial look an even more elegant dimension.

The prestigious quality of grenadine silk is well-known among important figures like businessmen, politicians and even James Bond (played by Sean Connery).

One of the unique qualities of this tie is that it’s easy to knot. It keeps its hold throughout the day and fits impeccably well. The grenadine silk is renowned among tie purists.

However, a tie should be chosen with great care, since it’s the accessory and key element that determines the rest of your outfit. Will you go for a classic or original style?

grenadine silk Italy

Origins rich in history

First of all, silk grenadine is a Spanish speciality (Grenada) from the Middle Ages. The fabric quality was so fine that Italian merchants used it to manufacture clothing and accessories.

Later on, in England during the Industrial Revolution, looms were used to make silk grenadine. Nowadays, these machines are rare, especially since there are only two workshops in Italy that have the expertise and specific equipment to use them.

Our silk grenadine ties are manufactured in the Italian region of Como, a place famed for its high-quality textile workshops

green grenadine silk necktie

green blue navy grenadine silk tie

Inspiring more than one this summer

Wearing a grenadine silk tie is ideal for all seasons. The ventilated and textured fabric makes it elegant and can be very easy to wear in the summer.

At The Nines, we have several models to choose from and they come in 6 collections. The most recent, Grenadine VI, consists of three vibrantly-coloured ties: green/navy blue, red/navy blue and navy blue.

Thanks to its depth and colour scheme, the grenadine silk brightens up your outfit in a subtle, modern and unique way. All gentlemen should have this gem in their closet.

You’ll see: grenadine silk is a great tie, just like the man wearing it!

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