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Valentine's Day: Which outfit for which date?

24 January 2023

which outfit for valentines day

February 14 is a date that is (almost) as controversial as the egg and chicken debate. For some, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, while others see only commercial nonsense in it. At The Nines we don't think love should be limited to just one day a year, but we also never miss an opportunity to celebrate love and get dressed up. Here in France, we call it le savoir-vivre, the art of enjoying life. So, yes, we do celebrate Valentine's Day, but, of course, everyone has their own personal ideas about how to spend this day or evening. Whether you go all out in the romance department, or treat this day like any other, we have compiled four outfit ideas depending on your date.

The proposal

The lovebirds among you may have planned to take the big step and propose to their better half. For this unforgettable moment, which you will one day tell your children and grandchildren about and which will surely be captured in photos, we recommend choosing an elegant but timeless outfit. Your staple piece would be the white dress shirt, which you can combine with accessories according to your preferences. Would you like to wear a bow tie? Opt for the cutaway collar. Are you more of a tie type? Then go for the classic shark collar shirt. For a slightly retro vibe, go for the club collar shirt, or, a bit more eccentric, the pin collar shirt. And if you want to add the finishing touch to your outfit, you'll need a French cuff shirt and a pair of cufflinks. Also remember to create a nice color harmony between the top and bottom of your outfit, for example, by picking up the same shade of red of your tie with your socks.

the proposal

The home cinema

For those who see February 14 as any other day, or the homebodies who prefer to stay home "because it's too cold to go out", a movie night at home is a great option. To make this night stand out a bit from your other TV nights, you could prepare some tapas and open a fine bottle of wine. A bowl of homemade popcorn will add that extra cinematic effect. Or you could simply have your favorite restaurant deliver a delicious meal. With such a menu, you should definitely go for comfortable and soft materials with your outfit: So feel free to reach for a T-shirt and jog pants, but leave the baggy sweatpants you've had since your teenage years in the closet.

the home cinema

the movies

The real cinema

The cinema is great for a romantic evening for two: it's dark and often a bit too cold in the theatre, so you can snuggle up to your date - as far as the armrest allows. And if you're sharing popcorn, your hands are bound to touch at some point.

The ideal outfit for the movies? A merino wool sweater, your favorite jeans and lace-up boots. Casual, comfortable and chic enough to hit up a bar afterwards.

The restaurant

Whether you eat out regularly or just once in a while, dining out means treating yourself to something good! You don't have to plan a menu, you don't have to shop, and most importantly, you don't have to do the dishes! In our hectic daily lives, it's good to let someone else do the work so you can take a breath, sit back and really enjoy the moment. Plus, people like to dress up for dinner. The ideal outfit: a shirt with a modern collar, such as the reverse collar shirt, a pair of chinos and a pair of sneakers for a smart casual look. For a dressier look, simply swap the sneakers for a pair of derbies and the chinos for pleated pants. And don't forget your scarf for that romantic after-dinner stroll.

Now all you have to do is make a reservation.

the restaurant

Celebrating love every day or on a specific day, going out with your partner or friends, having a slumber party at home or planning a weekend getaway, giving a gift or getting something for yourself.... Everyone has their own way of loving and being loved, because in (self) love there are no rules. This Valentine's Day 2023, enjoy some good times, whether alone, as a couple or with friends is up to you.