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The wedding accessories

Choosing accessories for your wedding outfit is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it something to be done at the last minute at the risk of all the pieces of your outfit not being harmoniously linked together. You certainly have your favourite colours, but the theme of the wedding - rural or beach, classic or offbeat - and the harmony of colours between the decorations of the venue, your best men and the wedding couple should be taken into account. And then there is the ever-present question of "tie or bow tie" ? It is in fact the tie which will influence the choice of your wedding shirt. You see, the colour and style of your wedding accessories is something to really think about, but it's a moment of pleasure and anticipation to be experienced with your best friends, your brother or your father during the fitting. And we are here to guide you in our stores in Paris or thanks to our online customer service.

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blue wedding accessories

The blues

Light blue seems to be the most popular colour for weddings in 2022. This light, bright hue is reminiscent of the summer sky and can be combined with other blue shades as well as with a light beige suit or a dusky pink suit. But other tints of blue are no less interesting for your wedding outfit : a dark navy tie can enhance a light suit and petrol blue is a very good choice for an end-of-year wedding.


green wedding accessories

The greens

Green will always be one of the most popular colors for a wedding. However, the timeless water green tone is starting to give space to more natural and sober shades such as thyme green or sage green. To keep the natural vibe, you can combine these shades of green with other natural colors, such as beige, for example. In a more autumnal setting, sage green goes very well with burgundy, if you would want to go for a coloured suit, that is.


pink wedding accessories

The pinks

Slightly more feminine, pink tones give a soft vibe to a masculin outfit. A light pink tie can be paired with a grey or blue suit for a classic and efficient look. If you're not afraid of colour, or are planning a fall wedding, pink accessories work well with a green suit. If your wedding is in the middle of summer in a rather hot climate, consider brighter pink tones such as coral pink.


orange wedding accessories

Sunny colors

Sunny colours such as yellow or orange can easily be combined with the classic wedding suit colour which is blue. Mustard yellow is particularly fond of royal blue. Darker shades such as terracotta work well with a light suit, such as a beige linen suit for your typical beach wedding.


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