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  • Location: Florence, Bergamo and Rimini, Italy
  • First collaboration: 2015
  • Expertise: Leather

The names of our different leather belts - Enzo, Lino, Ugo - easily give a clue about where they were made: in bella Italia ! Two ateliers, not far from the city of Bergamo in the north of the country, have been working with leather for almost 50 years. From the choice of Western European leathers - Germany, France or Italy  - to the manufacturing process, our belt makers rely on their traditional know-how transmitted from generation to generation. It is in this legacy that resides the strength of the famous Made in Italy, a quality label we notice every time we hold one of our leather belts in our hands. 

To get to the atelier that makes our elastic belts, you have to leave the majestic Italian Alps behind and head for the Adriatic coast and the city of Rimini. Convenient and appreciated for their flexibility and comfort, our elastic belts are braided from a specific blend of viscose, cotton and natural rubber. Our manufacturer finishes off with genuine leather tips and that is how the buckle is closed!


Just as you have to choose a good quality material to make a good quality piece of clothing, you have to choose a good quality leather to make a good quality belt. And the king of leather is full grain leather! It refers to the outer part of the animal's skin, the part where the hairs are implanted. This is where we find the highest density of fibres, which gives it better resistance than crust leather. Full-grain leather, which has retained its upper surface intact, may have some roughness, making each product unique. Characterized by unbelievably smooth, this part of the leather is unquestionably the finest and our first choice for the manufacture of our leather belts.

However, a quality leather is not enough if you want to find a belt that will become even more beautiful year after year. Like many other natural materials, leather has the wonderful advantage of developing a beautiful patina over time. It is only under the eyes and in the expert hands of craftsmen with proven know-how that quality leather will be transformed into a finished product worthy of the quality of its raw material. The stage that is probably the most sensitive is cutting : the belt-maker inspects the leather one last time before cutting out long uniform strips that he will then assemble - the assembly stage. In order to obtain clean borders and the desired tongue shape, the assembled leather strips are re-cut before being meticulously pierced with adjustment holes. This is followed by border stitching and edge dyeing - for a uniform and elegant look the dyeing is usually done in tone-on-tone. Finally, the craftsman adds the buckle, ours are made of solid brushed zamak, and checks the final product one last time.

As you will have noticed, in order to obtain a quality leather belt, you need a quality leather and a workshop that carefully carries out the different stages of manufacture. We have been happy to found ours since 5 years already.

Full grain leather belts

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