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How to wear and maintain a chino? All our style tips and tricks

The chino is surely the most versatile piece of clothing for men. They come in all shapes (fitted, loose, with pockets or without) and all colours (from the timeless navy and beige to the more difficult to combine, rust and mustard). And it's precisely this versatility and its many variations that can make it difficult finding the right look or the right moment to wear it. To help you see things a little more clearly, find all our stylistic advices as well as our care advices so that those pants become the favourite piece of your wardrobe !

Wearing the chino according to moments

When to wear the chino?

Whether you're going out for a drink with friends, to the office, on holiday or to a wedding, we give you our top tips and outfit ideas for wearing chino to every moment.

Discover all the moments

matching chino colors

How to match colours with your chino?

From the timeless navy blue chino to the bright beige chino and less conventional colours such as saffron or havana, discover all our tips and ideas for looks to sublimate your chino and not make any mistakes in terms of taste.

All our tips for matching your outfit with your chino

chino caring

Caring your chino

Find all our tips and tutorials to make your chino last over time.

Our washing and care tips