Our style tips for wearing the chino at the right moment

Ah the good times... Those moments that are unique to each of us, that make us feel good and that are like us. In The Nines team, we never miss an opportunity to dress well, and the good moments are clearly the ones where we take pleasure in dressing up! And since there are almost as many good times as there are bars in France, we have chosen a pair of trousers that can go with (almost) every good time : the chino. With friends, with colleagues, at the beach or at a wedding, this is the style section of our chino's guide, regrouping our tips on how to wear the chino at the right time.

Wear a chino at the right moment

Wear the chino casually

The chino is the ideal pant for a night out with friends or as well for staying in. With a tee-shirt, polo shirt or shirt, and with or without a jacket or overshirt, this piece offers an almost infinite range of outfits for those relaxed occasions. In short, they are the perfect trousers for those who want to adopt a casual look, halfway between comfort and modernity.

Wearing a chino casually

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Wear the chino formally

Chino in the office is of course possible, but it is necessary to adapt to the dress codes of the work place. It can be difficult to find the ideal combination with a suit jacket or a tie, two of the most emblematic elements of professional clothing.

Wearing a chino in a business style

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Wear the chino on holiday

In my suitcase I packed : a snorkel, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, a shirt, sun cream and a good book. Didn't you forget something ? Maybe a pair of trousers ? Whether your holiday is peaceful or adventurous, the chino will be the summer hit !

wear the chino on holiday

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Wearing the chino to a wedding

Weddings are exceptional and unforgettable moments (especially when you're the groom...) that require a high level of style for a long period of time. From the exchange of consents to the party, you need to marry comfort and elegance. And what better than a chino to meet both requirements?

wearing the chino to a wedding

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