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All about luxury shirts

29 February 2024

Luxury shirts: Introducing the most refined range of shirts we've offered since we started out

In the world of luxury clothing, where every detail is scrutinised with meticulous attention, the choice of fabrics is of paramount importance. At the heart of this quest for perfection, titling emerges as a key indicator of quality. Often overlooked, titling is a tell-tale sign of the sophistication and quality that distinguish truly exceptional shirts.


LTitration: An Indicator of Fineness and Qualitys

Titration, measured in count numbers, is a scale for the fineness of the fibres used in weaving the fabric. The higher the titration, the finer and better the quality of the fibres. High-titre fabrics are sought after for their softness, suppleness and silkiness, characteristics prized in top-of-the-range shirts. Titration plays an essential role in the texture and feel of fabrics, directly influencing their perceived quality. The fibres used in our fabrics are selected with the utmost care, guaranteeing exceptional fineness and incomparable softness. Thanks to a high titre of between 120 and 140 for poplin fabrics and 100 for oxford fabrics, our shirts feel luxurious from the first touch, providing absolute comfort throughout the day.

Exceptional shirts: Excellence right from the choice of fabric

Our six new models of exceptional shirts perfectly embody these criteria of superior quality right from the choice of fabrics. Each of these shirts is made from fabrics of remarkable density, with a weight of between 100 and 110g/m2, guaranteeing a feeling of luxury from the very first touch. Combined with a high titre, our fabrics are incomparably fine and soft, providing absolute comfort all day long. This combination of moderate grammage and high titre gives our shirts an exceptional quality that is virtually unheard of in ready-to-wear.

The Perfect Balance between Lightness and Quality

Our exceptional shirts are designed with a grammage of around 100g/m², offering the perfect balance between lightness and quality. Grammage, expressed in grams per square metre (g/m2), is a crucial indicator of the density and weight of a fabric.  This allows our shirts to adapt perfectly to the milder temperatures of spring and summer, feeling cool and comfortable while maintaining their luxurious appearance and impeccable fit. Thanks to their light weight, our shirts are not only comfortable to wear on sunny days, they also retain their elegant look and sartorial finish. Whether it's a day at the office, an outdoor meeting or a summer soiree, our exceptional shirts accompany you in style and comfort, allowing you to look and feel your best, whatever the circumstances.

By choosing our lightweight shirts, you're opting for the perfect combination of comfort and refinement. Each shirt is the result of exceptional craftsmanship, where the lightness of the fabric is carefully balanced with quality and durability. Treat yourself to the luxury of lightness and elegance with our six exceptional shirts, designed to enhance your style and comfort for the spring-summer season.

An exceptional heritage : the Italian Sictess line from Tessitura Monti

In 2023, a chapter in the history of Italian textiles came to a close when Tessitura Monti, one of the most prestigious Italian textile houses with which we have had the privilege of working since our beginnings, was forced to close all its production sites in Italy. This decision followed more than 100 years of remarkable work, marking the end of an era of exceptional craftsmanship.

Founded in 1911 by brothers Evaristo, Venerio and Bruno Monti, Tessitura Monti spearheaded excellence in the creation of fabrics of the highest quality. Their "Sictess" line brought together the most luxurious fabrics, woven with meticulous care in their Italian facilities. The decision to continue their activities solely in India was a blow to the Italian textile industry, resulting in the loss of invaluable know-how and tradition.

Despite this transition, we are honoured to be able to continue their legacy by presenting our latest shirts, made from the exceptional fabrics of Tessitura Monti. Each shirt is a testament to their commitment to excellence, with fine, silky, hard-wearing fabrics that are the heritage of their 'Sictess' line, dedicated to bespoke tailoring and the service of luxury houses. It is with great pride that we offer you these unique pieces, true relics of a rare and precious know-how, at very competitive prices. But be warned: if you try it, you'll love it !

Luxury in the details: the strength of double twine and the refinement of English seams

In the relentless pursuit of excellence, every detail counts. That's why our luxury shirts have unique features that define their exceptional quality. At the heart of this quest for perfection, two elements stand out: double-twisted cotton and English seams.

The choice of double-twisted cotton is a distinguishing feature of our top-of-the-range shirts. This weaving technique involves two threads being twisted together, creating a stronger, more resistant thread. This added strength not only ensures the durability of the fabric, but also makes it feel soft and luxurious to the touch. By opting for shirts with this feature, our customers benefit from a garment that combines comfort and elegance, standing up to the rigours of time while retaining its beauty.

English seams, stitched at 7 stitches per centimetre, are a guarantee of handcrafted quality and impeccable finish. This sewing technique, also known as folded seams, involves folding the edges of the fabric to create a clean seam on the inside of the shirt. The result is a meticulous finish that is both discreet and resistant, giving our shirts a high-end aesthetic. English seams add a touch of sophistication and refinement to our designs, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Double plies and English seams are essential elements that distinguish our exceptional shirts, embodying our commitment to offering our customers the very best in sartorial luxury. These manufacturing details, combined with the highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, make our shirts unique pieces, designed for those who seek excellence and refinement in every aspect of their wardrobe.


Exceptional details: The different collars

In addition to the quality of the fabrics, our exceptional shirts are also distinguished by their refined details, particularly the collars. Each model offers a variety of collars, giving our customers a range of options for expressing their style and personality.

The Shark collar embodies the essence of timeless classicism. With its simple throatline and clean lines, it gives the shirt a subtle, sophisticated elegance, perfect for formal or business occasions.

The tab collar evokes the distinguished charm of British gentlemen. Raised slightly and with shorter points, it adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit, ideal for a casual yet elegant atmosphere.

The reverse collar, with its point turned backwards, offers a bold, modern aesthetic. It stands out for its originality and distinctiveness, adding a contemporary touch to the shirt, perfect for those looking for a unique style.

Finally, the pin collar, with its points held together by a pin, embodies traditional elegance with a touch of originality. This collar adds a touch of vintage refinement to the outfit, perfect for those who appreciate classic detailing with a daring twist.

So, whatever your style or the occasion, our exceptional shirts offer a selection of collars to suit all your desires and enhance your outfit with sophistication and elegance.

Nos chemises d'exception ne sont pas simplement des vêtements, mais des investissements dans le raffinement et l'élégance. Avec leur grammage et leur titrage exemplaires, ainsi que leur héritage prestigieux et leurs détails d'exception, elles incarnent l'apogée du luxe vestimentaire, offrant à ceux qui les portent une expérience inégalée de confort et de prestige. Découvrez l'art de l'excellence avec nos six modèles de chemises d'exception, où chaque détail est pensé pour répondre aux plus hautes exigences du style et de la qualité.