19 octobre 2022

Autumn socks


Despite the still warmer temperatures thanks to the Indian summer, autumn has indeed arrived. Yes, the leaves are changing colour, the sky is a bit more cloudy, we're starting to crave some raclette and fondue...

And whenever you hear the word autumn, you think of warm tones, whose warmth can slowly make its way into your outfits. 

To do so, there's nothing better than wearing a hint of autumn colour on your socks, whose material is adapted for the season.

Chaussettes jaune moutarde fil d'écosse

feuilles d'automne


That's right, it's no longer summer and we can't wear our cotton socks.  However, the weather is still tolerable and mercerised cotton lisle socks still have plenty of days ahead of them. Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton which is then transformed into lisle following a treatment known as mercerisation, this process allows the cotton to retain its colour, but also to be more resistant. Our vividly-coloured socks are both soft, thin, resistant... and adapt to changes in temperature. 

If you're one of those people who are sensitive to the cold, you can now wear wool socks, which are thicker and warmer than mercerised cotton lisle socks. Our socks are made from Merino wool originating from Australia and New Zealand. This allows them to remain soft and thin; the main advantage, however, is that, as opposed to traditional wool socks, they're not itchy. And that's definitely worth noting!

chaussettes bordeaux fil d'écosse


Yes, colour can sometimes frighten away the elegant man you are! However, why avoid warm-toned and vibrant autumn colours? Colourful socks are the perfect way to try out some colour in a subtle way. It's time to say goodbye to classic black socks and say hello to burgundy, mustard, vitamin orange, electric blue, British racing green, violet... which you can match (for those of you who are more daring) with the colour of your belt.  

To change up your solid-coloured socks, you can also opt for patterned socks such as striped socks, brown, for example, which will give you a bit of texture. It's also possible to sport socks whose appearance changes depending on the light. To achieve this, put on some bird's eye socks, which are woven using two differently-coloured threads, creating a unique, finished look featuring hints of burgundy, English red, midnight blue...

chaussettes rayées marron fil d'écosse

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