How to wear your socks gracefully

The elegance and style of your outfit result from the subtle mix of all the elements that compose it: shirt, pants, jacket, tie, and also belt, shoes, socks, cufflinks, watch, etc. So it is important not to neglect your choice of socks!

histoire boutons de manchette

In terms of range, there are two schools : the traditionalists and the modernists.

Though the two schools disagree on how to match your socks to an outfit, they are nevertheless agreed on several points :

- The sock is not a detail to be overlooked.

- White socks should never be worn with a suit.

- Socks should be long enough to not let your calves be glimpsed when you sit.

- If you are not tall in stature, match your socks to your shoes so as to elongate your figure.

- In a formal setting, opt for classic socks with dark colours.

Traditionalist elegance
Matching the sock to the shoe in the traditional way

Traditionally, the colour of the socks should be matched to the colour of the shoes rather than the pants. So if you are wearing black shoes, choose black socks. With brown shoes, choose brown socks... You do not have socks that match your shoes? In this case, choose socks that are darker in colour than your shoes.

Look more modern, more original and more like a dandy
Match your socks with one or more pieces of your outfit or according to the season !

chaussettes conseils

Blue sky socks in Scottish yarn, matching the shirt.


Your socks have the power to highlight a piece of your outfit. Depending on your mood, match the colour of your socks to the colour of your jacket, or the pocket square handkerchief of your suit, or your tie, your bow-tie, your belt or your shirt! The advantage is that the attention will be focused on your whole figure.


conseils chaussettes

Yellow socks in Scottish yarn for the summer season.

However, you can also choose the colour of your socks depending on the season. Socks in bright colours are suitable for hot seasons like summer or spring, whereas socks in dark colours are reserved for the winter or autumn. In summer, dare to wear lilac, lime green, yellow or fuchsia for example.

Play with complementary colours!

You can match the colour of your socks to a complementary-coloured accessory. For example, you can marry red socks with a green tie.

chaussettes conseils

Matching of complementary-coloured socks/pants.

Have fun wearing patterned sock designs !

Patterned socks are a good way to bring some originality to an outfit. You can own socks in all possible colours, but this is not the case for patterns. Only a few patterns can be tolerated, such as dots, checks, stripes and relatively discreet patterns in general.

conseils chaussettes

Patterned socks for a touch of originality.