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How to care for your accessories?

Accessories can enhance simple outfits, create harmonious connections between top and bottom and emphasize personal style. That's why accessories are so popular among fashionistas. However, taking care of accessories is not something you necessarily think about.... At least the correct storage of accessories is important, so that they can continue to do their job.

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How to care for your ties?

To avoid your tie getting creases, remember to untie it completely every time you take it off (no cheating to save time in the morning). And to store it properly, it's either on the tie rack or rolled up. A stain? Dry cleaning is mandatory.

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How to care for your socks?

How to care for your socks?

Depending on the material, socks can be machine washed cold or at 30°C. For drying, avoid the tumble dryer and let them air dry. It's a lot softer on the fibres and seams.

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How to care for cufflinks?

How to care for cufflinks?

Cufflinks are jewellery and should be treated as such. To protect them from dust, moisture and misplacement, never leave them on your shirts, but rather place them in dedicated storage boxes.

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How to care for belts?

How to care for belts?

Leather is a living material that needs to be cared for to age well! So, remember to clean your belt from time to time with a soft, damp cloth to remove the little everyday grime. Once dry, you can nourish the skin with a wax or a moisturising milk adapted to the type and colour of the leather.

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