How to wear a corduroy jacket?

In this part of our corduroy jacket guide we'll look at the different outfits you can create with your new corduroy jacket. Between work shifts, Sunday strolls or even drinks with friends: we have something for everyone. Open or closed? Casual or dressy? Look no further, we've got all your answers in this section of the guide.

The business style

First of all, there are Monday mornings, metro rides and all the rest. And for that, nothing works better than a corduroy jacket for mid-season. You can wear it directly as an outer layer, as a light jacket, as long as it's not raining like crazy. But underneath, it's time for a shirt, if not mandatory, then at least it's our best advice for making an impression in the office. And also because it's a bit cold in a simple suit in winter. The most daring or those who are obliged to do so can even add a tie, a coloured one, to remain original and that's it!

So you've finally got your replacement for the top, but for the bottom: no way. We'll keep the suit trousers, which blend in particularly well with the corduroy. And since we're not going to deviate too much from formality, let's continue with the shoes. Wearing a pair of leather derbies, as you do every day, will only bring the whole thing together like a symphony. So much for the business look, or dressy, call it what you will, but it will serve you well once the codes are in use. So use it without moderation!


The casual velvet

Now it's time for casualness, lightness, far from formality. This is for people who like to go for Sunday walks, go to the park with the kids or have barbecues. So which garment best represents casualness and relaxation? You've got it right, it's the t-shirt of course! So slip on your best t-shirt, without a pattern, simple and timeless, under your jacket to bring down the formal barometer. For the bottom, we can't recommend a better option than the chino, these versatile trousers that go with just about everything. Plus, they feel great and are the perfect ally for having a good time but always in style. For the most urban of you and the jeans lovers, we'll allow it. A pair of light-coloured, faded jeans will even make you look a few years younger and will go perfectly with corduroy. 

For shoes, there's nothing better than a nice pair of trainers, in white leather. This is the perfect way to assert your youthful look. You're back in your student days, with this trendy, all-purpose outfit. Now you've got plenty of terraces to discover where you can take your jacket at Thursday's afterwork.


Distinguished urban

On the borderline between the two previous looks, here we propose an in-between. Not so far from the formal outfit, but revisited to be a real all-rounder, this outfit will be perfect for semi-occasions or for autumn evenings. Yes, you know, for strolling in your most trendy corners, where the t-shirt will be a bit of a stain. So for this look, we suggest you keep your suit trousers on, which will immediately set the tone: you're not here for fun. Now for the shoes, we're sticking with classic derbies, in black or brown leather, so as not to clash with the trousers. 

The Nines' twist is up there, as we recommend wearing a jumper, either round or turtleneck (special mention for the latter). You'll look distinguished, even classy, thanks to pretty knits like wool and the silky look of corduroy. Your friends may call you a dandy-chic, especially if you go out in leather gloves, and don't let that stop you! You'll definitely be the first person they ask if you have a reservation at the restaurant, so you might as well play it straight and make a statement with this minimalist, elegant look.