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navy wedding suit

The wedding suit

The wedding suit is probably the first piece of your wedding outfit that you choose. From the extravagant tuxedo or the traditional three-piece suit, to the classic blue or gray suit, to sophisticated patterned or colorful suits, you have a wide choice to find the perfect suit for the most beautiful day of your life.

If you don't want to invest too much in a new suit that you will only wear once, a timeless two-piece is a good choice. Because with the right accessories, even a classic suit becomes wedding-worthy. A French cuff shirt with matching cufflinks, a color-coordinated tie and a pocket square or alternatively a boutonnière (pin flower) are almost more crucial than an extraordinary suit when creating your wedding look.

How to choose your suit right?

The size of a suit is defined by the size of the jacket. This corresponds to half the chest girth in cm. Example: If your chest measurement is 92 cm, your jacket size is calculated as 92/2, i.e. 46. Typically, the scale of men's suit sizes starts at 44 and increases in steps of two.

Since a suit is a two-piece, top and bottom can - usually - not be separated when bought. As such, the size of the trousers depends on the size of the jacket and its so-called drop. The drop is the difference in size between the two garments. Our 4 Season Suit comes in a drop of 6, fitting the vast majority of men. Example: The suit jacket size 46 comes with the suit trousers size 40.

Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed size chart of our Loro Piana suits in our size guide!

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The quality pledge of our Loro Piana suits 

  • A 100% Super 130's merino wool fabric from Loro Piana
  • A fabric weight of 260 g/mt ideal for all year round
  • Traditional European tailoring between France, Italy and Romania
  • A solid Half-Canvas construction with a natural drapage
  • A fitted cut for a modern silhouette
  • A drop of 6 between jacket and trousers to suit the vast majority of men

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Navy breaded Loro Piana suit

The navy blue basketweave suit

The navy blue suit is the classic no-brainer when it comes to choosing a wedding suit, you will want to keep wearing even after the wedding. With its deep color and modern, slim fit cut, it's the ideal suit for special occasions and the office. Its exceptional fabric comes directly from the Italian weaving mill Loro Piana and is made of merino wool. Its thickness of 260 g/ml is ideal for all year round, making it the perfect wedding suit for summer and winter!


Loro Piana Prince of Wales slate blue suit

The slate blue Prince of Wales suit

The elegant and modern suit with checked pattern is on the rise again. It has long been associated with the English bourgeoisie and gives your outfit a formal and sophisticated touch that is very typical of English elegance. The bright slate blue of the Loro Piana suit will go well with monochrome looks in different shades of blue, as well as mustard yellow color accents.


 Loro Piana Prince of Wales grey suit

The grey Prince of Wales suit

The grey checked suit is a suit with timeless charm that you will wear even after your big day! Its easy-to-match color, modern close-fitting cut and solid half-canvas fabrication make this suit a guarantee of elegance and glamour. What else?