The 4 Seasons Suit - Grey Check
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The 4 Seasons Suit - Grey Check

  • A suit for every day of the year
  • A 100% Super 130's merino wool fabric from Loro Piana
  • A fabric weight of 260 g/mt ideal for all year round
  • Three elegantly timeless colours and patterns: navy blue basketweave, slate blue Prince of Wales and grey Prince of Wales.
  • A solid Half-Canvas construction with a natural drapage
  • A fitted cut for a modern silhouette
  • A drop of 6 between jacket and trousers to suit the vast majority of men
  • A traditional European manufacture
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Costume homme Loro Piana

An exceptional fabric by Loro Piana

100% merino wool Super 130's

Just like wine vintages, suit fabrics have their own quality rating system: Super + number. The term Super denotes a pure, new wool and the following number corresponds to the thickness of the wool fibres (number of woven fibres per cm²). The higher this number, the finer and softer the wool. However, keep in mind that fine also means more delicate and easy to crease. For an everyday suit you will wear both, to the office and to private events, the ideal super number is 120 or 130, which corresponds to a fibre diameter of about 17.25 microns. The result is a beautiful, flowing fabric, comfortable to wear and sufficiently high-wearing at the main tension points such as knees and elbows.

An ideal fabric weight for every season

The fabric of our suit comes from the Four Seasons collection of Loro Piana, an Italian weaver who has been producing exceptional textiles for six generations. The merino wool fabric has a weight of 260 g/m, which - as the name of the fabric line perfectly describes - is ideal for all seasons. As far as colours and fabric patterns go, you voted for your three favourites in our product survey: a navy blue basketweave and two checked fabrics, one slate blue, the other grey.

Costume loro piana

Costume Paris Homme

A solid construction with a natural drapage

The half-canvas or semi-traditional manufacture

The construction of a suit - what could also be called it's soul or skeleton - determines the quality of its body, comfort and durability, but also the price! The interlining is the invisible part of a suit jacket, which lies between the fabric and the lining. There are three different ways to incorporate this interlining from the cheapest to the most expensive method: fused, half-canvas or full-canvas. To ensure that you can enjoy your suit 365 days a year and for years to come, we have opted for the half-canvas construction, as with our other suits. This means, when the suit jacket is made, a horsehair canvas is sewn in between the fabric and lining in the shoulder and chest area, giving the garment more flexibility and a natural drapage. The less stressed lower part of the jacket is glued.

A modern, fitted cut

The fitted cut is the perfect balance between a slim fit and a straight cut for a timeless look. It's the same fit as our other suits. Being aware that it may be a bit more difficult to choose a suit online, we have added some extra fabric in the seams (without losing any of the comfort) so you can have the 4 Seasons Suit adjusted to your body measurements.

The jacket: Italian elegance

For the design we have taken all your wishes into account and added our The Nines twist:

- A single-breasted jacket with a rather thin lapel of 6,5 cm and two buttons

- A decorative seam at waist height and two back vents ensure a slim silhouette

- The slightly rounded Italian shoulders naturally follow your shape and the length of the jacket ends at about the mid-buttocks

- Two flap pockets are added at the front of the jacket

- A piped ticket pocket is placed above the right flap pocket

- The first two of the four buttonholes on the sleeves are closed so you can adjust the sleeve length to your needs

- All buttons of the suit are made of horn and harmoniously adapted to the fabric

Costume homme Loro Piana Paris

Costume paris pour homme

The trousers: the modern balance of "semi"

Just like the jacket, the trousers of the 4 Seasons Suit also keep the perfect balance between modern and elegant, well, timeless to make it simple! The magic word behind this balance is semi. These suit trousers are therefore semi-slim - in other words, fitted but not too tight - and the waist is semi high. A cut that suits most men! As far as details go, you have chosen regular front pockets and piped back pockets without buttons. The waistband is classic with zip and double button. Loops on the waistband allow you to wear the suit trousers with your favourite belt. And finally, we will leave the hem "unfinished", so you can adjust the trousers exactly to your leg length and personal taste.

That may also be worn without the jacket

Normally you do not separate a well working ensemble, but you can wear the suit trousers separately with a shirt or a thin jumper and a pair of trainers for Friday Wear or any casual after-work event.

Your requests have been heard and met

To design the 4 Seasons Suit, we did not need asking you about your general interest in this type of garment, as we regularly receive customer enquiries to expand our suit collection. So we let you and hundreds of other customers work directly on the design to create exactly the suit you will want to wear every day of the year, whether you go in to work or not! And this is what your dream suit looks like:

Jacket and lapel

Shoulder shape and back length

Ticket pocket


An elegant suit for every day of the year!

Whether you choose the rather classic navy blue basketweave or the timelessly elegant checked suit, the 4 Seasons Suit lives up to its name: wear it a little more casual with trainers and a modern stand-up collar shirt for a private event or take it to the office with a pair of derbies and a classic collared shirt and a tie.

  • costume paris loro piana
  • costume paris loro piana
  • costume paris loro piana
  • costume paris loro piana


A European production between France, Italy and Romania

The best of sartorial savoir-faire

For 5 years now we have been working with the same suit maker, whose atelier has over 20 years of experience in the field of menswear. Located in the historical textile area of Romania, our tailoring workshop combines the best of Italian and Romanian sartorial expertise, inspired by the timeless French elegance. However, the real strength of our suit maker lies in the design of perfectly draping patterns and the solid construction of the jacket. The care with which these two stages of production are carried out matches those of the made-to-measure tailors and guarantees a garment that will keep looking like it comes straight from the tailor.

Find the right suit size

Some might say that buying a suit online is like playing the lottery: Either you are lucky and belong to the type of people with an ideal body shape, or you have to meticulously calculate all possible statistical combinations to find the right suit size for your measurements. Though, suit sizes are really no secret science! But let's start with the basics:

The size of a suit is defined by the size of the jacket. This corresponds to half the chest girth in cm. Example: If your chest measurement is 92 cm, your jacket size is calculated as 92/2, i.e. 46. Typically, the scale of men's suit sizes starts at 44 and increases in steps of two.

Since a suit is a two-piece, top and bottom can - usually - not be separated when bought. As such, the size of the trousers depends on the size of the jacket and its so-called drop. The drop is the difference in size between the two garments. We offer the 4 Seasons Suit with a drop of 6, fitting the vast majority of men. Example: The suit jacket size 46 comes with the suit trousers size 40.

Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed size chart of our suit in our size guide!

costume loro piana

More than just a suit

more than just a suit

No matter where work takes you,
the 4 Seasons Suit provides the necessary elegance!

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