What colours to match with a corduroy jacket?

Corduroy is a silky material with a very special look that makes an ordinary outfit chic. If we have already given you some ideas for looks in our guide, now is the time to suggest some colour combinations. In order to match and not look like a clown, it is important to choose the colours that you mix with the corduroy because its shiny look is already monopolising a lot of attention. So let's go step by step, so that the corduroy jacket has no more secrets for you.

Lucky green

Let's start this part of our guide with the colour that probably scares you the most on a piece as imposing as the jacket, namely green. A far cry from apple green for those who haven't seen it yet, our green corduroy jacket is actually easy to match. A symbol of luck, prosperity and life, it's the colour to wear on the day you sign that juicy contract, or at least on the days you want to have luck in your (zipped!) pocket. 

The first obvious colour when you think of green is blue. And that's good because there are a ton of variations. We're thinking of sky blue and navy blue, which are easier to find in your wardrobe. But it can also be the occasion to bring out a duck blue or azure piece, not obvious to wear the rest of the year. For our top look, we suggest a pair of navy blue trousers. And what we're most proud of is the top, with this shirt in green tones. Yes, mixing shades of the same colour is often done to great effect. Thyme green or light green, for example, will go perfectly with the deep, silky green of your corduroy jacket. For the occasion, we chose the green American collar wrinkle-free shirt, rather light to obtain this contrast between the two pieces of your top.


Blue velvet

Sorry to disappoint you, but we're not going to talk about comics here, only about colours, and above all about blue, well navy, well dark. We're not going to do the previous trick and advise you to wear shades of blue, even if, by the way, sky blue will be unstoppable. Instead, let me tell you about grey and green, two colours that go equally well with our famous blue. The corduroy makes the colour darker and we're talking about a very dark navy, so it had to be contrasted! 

Let's start by suggesting wearing olive, sage green or khaki trousers, I'm sure you know what I mean. Khaki trousers are not only coming back into fashion, but also a break from the traditional black or grey. You'll have a harder time finding olive coloured suits though, so we're thinking chino or versatile trousers. Shoes are so important in an outfit, so don't take any chances and stick with white shoes. Finally, put on a grey top, t-shirt or fine knitwear, nothing more effective paired with the blue of your jacket. Take a look at Martin below, classy isn't it?


With or without ice?

Whisky, cognac, rum... Are we going to talk about drinks? Not at all! But this part will be devoted to brown tones, and all the shades that gravitate around them. So here we are with a dark colour, strong but at the same time warm and actually easy to match. However, we are not going to go crazy, as it is a rather noble colour, so it is difficult to move away from a classic and traditional inspiration. 

So let's cut to the chase and just mention cream, or beige, grey and black. With this, you won't have to question your wardrobe and you'll have no trouble finding these pieces in your well-kept collection. We're thinking of a black jumper, which will slip under your corduroy jacket, before slipping on dark grey or black trousers. For shoes, we'll stay with classic brown leather derbies, just to limit the amount of black in your outfit. That's right, because we still have a long way to go before we forget about colours!


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