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Short sleeve polo shirts

A traditionally made Portuguese polo shirt, made of cotton and with different original collars. It is the perfect polo shirt for summer: it combines elegance and comfort.

The origin of polo

The first appearance of this garment was in India in the 19th century. The polo shirt was worn during the practice of the sport "polo", hence its name, to provide comfort to the players and a certain ease of movement that was required.

The polo shirt, a revolutionary garment

The polo shirt was later democratised for tennis. In the 1920s, tennis imposed a chic dress code for the purposes of belonging to high society. Tennis players used to wear long-sleeved shirts which they rolled up during the game. It was Jean René Lacoste, the world's number one player at the time, who began to imagine an alternative to this cumbersome shirt worn during matches. This is when the polo shirt appeared, made of a very special cotton called "piqué cotton". The weave of the polo shirt was more breathable than the traditional shirt and its cut allowed players to move freely. They particularly liked the collar, which had a certain hold despite its flexibility.

A quilted knit, characteristic of the polo shirt

As mentioned earlier, the first polo shirts were made of a cotton called "piqué cotton". Piqué knit is a tight, regular weave. It is known for its softness and suppleness, making it the perfect fabric for casual wear like polo shirts. Our polo shirts are therefore made from pique knit, so they are not see-through and remain breathable and robust to give you a refreshing feel in the summer seasons. Our polo shirts are made entirely of cotton to provide the comfort of a t-shirt.

A versatile garment

Today the polo shirt is a classic in the men's wardrobe. It is often thought to be more chic than a t-shirt and less dressy than a shirt. It is a versatile garment, a happy medium that can be worn in all circumstances. It has the advantage of being able to blend in with any outfit.

Our signature collar: the Mao collar polo

We have developed an inspired version of one of our iconic collars from our shirt collection: the Mao collar. The Mao collar draws its inspiration from its Asian origins. It is named after the Chinese statesman and military leader Mao Zedong. When he led the People's Republic of China, he used to wear a jacket with a Mandarin collar.

The Mao collar is a simple collar stand with rounded corners. It is worn slightly open. Less common and more modern, it brings the touch of casual elegance that polo shirts lack. For years, the Mao collar has brought simplicity and elegance to men's wardrobes. The Mao collar polo shirt is a versatile and modern garment, which is meant to be a happy medium worn in all circumstances. Opt for the softness and modernity of our new Mao collar polo shirts!

Our style tips

You can find our different polo shirts in our Paris boutiques, where our teams will be delighted to welcome you. But in the meantime, here are a few style tips we can give you to wear a polo shirt for different occasions. The polo shirt gives your outfit a casual yet elegant look, so it can be worn for a walk by the sea, to a dinner with friends or to work!

If you choose to wear it for formal wear, pair it with a nice suit jacket and flannel trousers.

For a more casual outfit, wear your polo with a chino or plain jeans and complete your outfit with white sneakers.

And finally, for casual occasions such as a barbecue with friends, we advise you to combine your polo with trousers or shorts and moccasins or boat shoes.