Zipped corduroy jacket - The perfect layering piece for mid-season

Corduroy jacket

The casual corduroy jacket with retro vibe : 100% cotton corduroy, classic collar and many practical pockets. Over T-shirt, shirt or sweater, this lightweight mid-season jacket is easy to style.

Discover our collection of jackets. Among a wide range of fabrics as corduroy, knitwear or linen, you are bound to find something that suits you.

A timeless one

The corduroy jacket is the classic and trendy garment at the same time. It acts as a jacket or overshirt depending on what you decide to wear underneath and reminds us strongly of the preppy style by definition. We've even decided to line it up, for your comfort on those chilly winter evenings. So put your hands comfortably in your pockets, zip it up and stroll around in its relaxed fit, nice and warm.


Let's talk about corduroy

Corduroy, this noble material, which appeared even before the Middle Ages and is increasingly encountered in the fashion world, was our preferred choice when thinking about an inter-season jacket. Its silky aspect, its luminous and classy look make it one of the most pleasant materials to wear. It can also be made from different materials. We chose cotton to make 100% of the jacket, right down to the lining, and above all no synthetics. The planet will be better off and so will you! This brings us to a fabric weight of 250 g/m2, strong enough to last over time, and that's good because this piece is ultra timeless. So we'll see you in a few years to see how well your garment has aged.

Some styling tips

Need some tips on how to wear your new corduroy zip-up jacket? Well, we're being nice so we're sharing our best ideas. A classic would be to wear it with jeans, not too tight, to keep the classic edge it gives to an outfit. Just the right jeans to casualize the whole thing, like a light, slightly faded blue. For those more formal gentlemen, the twist will be to put the corduroy jacket over a thin crewneck or turtleneck jumper (even better), in a dark or sober colour at least. You're spoilt for choice between the typical preppy college student, or the distinguished dandy with plans for tonight…



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