Knit jacket

As soft as a sweater, as warm as a jacket and as elegant as a (over-)shirt. That's the promise of our 100% merino wool knit jacket. An easy-to-wear piece for all-year round.


At the border between jacket and jumper

Discover our collection of jackets. Among a large choice of corduroy, linen and wool you will find what you are looking for.

So, jacket or jumper?

Look no further! It does both. Our new knitted jacket can be worn as a jacket, but also as a jumper for cooler days. Especially since it's made of knitwear, so it's nothing like your old, outdated knitwear. If this one is rather fashionable, it is proof that warmth and style can go together very well. And the wool used in this jacket is not just any wool: we're talking about mulesing-free and OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool. Moreover, the whole piece is made of it, so don't look for the small percent of synthetics, you won't find them here. And to call it a jacket, we did put buttons on the front, very large ones for more practicality. They are made entirely of corozo, and subtly hidden under their hidden throat. And that's not the only thing we borrowed from the shirts, since you can see the pretty cutaway collar. Finally, you'll be as comfortable as in your jumper, but with chic details on top. 


Made in Italy

When it comes to quality, it's almost impossible not to mention Italy, especially when it comes to ready-to-wear. And it's not because we eat delicious pizzas there or because it's sunny, but just because of their know-how. Because let's face it, it's a whole other level and we wanted the best to make our jacket. From the buttons to the stitches, passing by the pockets and the collar, every part of the knitted jacket will transport you to these traditional workshops where technique is commonplace. All this to give you a garment that really lasts over time! Anyway you won't be able to do without your knitted jacket any time soon.

Some styling tips

Don't be confused if we say it's as much a jacket as a jumper, we'll actually wear it as a jacket. So don't forget to put an under-layer underneath, unless you want to push the dandy-chic to the limit. We'll suggest a t-shirt or a shirt, you'll be surprised if we don't. A little advice regarding shirts: choose more atypical collars to contrast with the rather imposing cutaway collar of your jacket. So go for an inverted collar or a mao collar, which are very discreet and will just stick out from your knitted piece. In order to remain elegant to the end, stay in dark navy or beige tones for the rest of your outfit. So slip on a pair of dark jeans or a beige chino to underline your distinguished look initiated by this chic jacket. For shoes, go for derbies or converse sneakers (to play it cooler). You are now nicely equipped for winter with a refined mood.


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