Knee Socks - Made in Europe

Knee socks

Many men wear knee socks, rightly so. The knee-sock or high sock reaches knee level, providing pleasant warmth and total comfort. The man's knee sock is an accessory that underlines the elegance of all men, and never lets you see the legs.

Les The best materials for your knee-socks and socks

The knee-socks reach the level of the knee, which allows the warmth of the calf to be retained and provides pleasant comfort. It underlines a man's elegance and does not allow you to see his legs. Some materials are to be preferred for knee-highs. The most important material for the comfort of your calves is Scottish yarn: it is a fine but very resistant and soft cotton fibre with absorbent properties, ideal for all seasons. The Scottish thread knee-high is less elastic and has a shiny appearance.

The organic Nile cotton knee-highs are the softest. This type of cotton is known for its extreme softness due to the length of its fibres. This organic cotton is made of two different Egyptian cotton cottons: Giza 45 (considered the best cotton in the world) and Giza 87 (very precious and grown in the Nile Delta) which preserves colours very well.

Merino virgin wool comes from a sheep native to North Africa whose fleece is sheared every year. This wool is renewable and natural. It provides warmth, lightness and knee-high resistance. Wool knee-highs are ideal for winter. In addition, its fibre is inherently antibacterial and blocks odors.

Wear your knee-socks and socks with style

In a formal environment, opt for easier and simpler combinations such as a navy blue suit with knee-highs of the same colour, a grey suit with grey knee-highs and choose black or brown shoes for a chic effect. If you feel comfortable with the colours, try more original combinations such as red or green knee-highs and if the environment is suitable, choose stripes or polka dots.

The same rules apply if you wear casual clothing. Nevertheless, you can be much freer on the patterns and wear brighter coloured knee-highs. Try replacing your black pants with navy blue pants for a more subtle look. However, we recommend that you do not wear knee-highs with excessively extravagant patterns.

As you will have understood, it is in theory customary to match the colour of your knees to your pants or shoes. It is important to remember that a perfect outfit consists of 3 major colours, not to mention the variations of shades.