1 février 2021

How can I take over the appearance of a Peaky Blinders member?

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Become (almost) a real ganster

Vintage tweed costumes, checkered designs, thick grey wool coats and round neck shirts.... Dressing like the Peaky Blinders gang is a challenge in 2021. It's a style you almost won't find anywhere nowaday. Although we don't envy the British for elegance, it's true that these outfits are both charismatic and fascinating. You can get inspired by the universe of The Nines to adopt the British club look of the 1920s. If you choose the total look, you'll be sure to create a sensation at your next retro or theme party. Or you can decide a more modern, similar set that suits your daily life!

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A fabric with a natural grain look

If there is one thing that defines a beautiful quality shirt, it is its fabric. For those who are looking for the absolute authenticity in shirts of yesteryear, prefer a shirt with the most raw and natural fabric possible. In other words, the rendering of a 1920s style shirt should be less smooth and more rough with a finely textured finish, like Oxford cotton woven with character. A finish reminiscent of 1920s textiles: rustic and sophisticated in all circumstances.

The Nines - retro shirt


Round collar shirt: It gives the whole character something mythical without appearing overloaded. You can wear it with a bow tie or a slim tie but also without any extra.

White round collar shirt with contrast: If you want to get closer to Thomas Shelby's look, choose our blue shirt with thin white stripes and a white round collar to give you a more modern and contrasting look.

Pin collar shirt: At major events, this is Thomas' favourite shirt. Your hair turned back and a pocket watch is with you, so you're back in time between the two world wars. This shirt remains indispensable in your wardrobe as it sets the perfect scene for your bow tie and you can decorate your cuffs with cufflinks.

Cutaway collar shirt: In the spirit of time, the cutaway collar shirt is still not very common, you can wear it with a tie or without any accessories.

Chemise pin collar pinky blinders

Chemise col rond club pinky blinders


Knitted tie: It gives everything a touch of boldness and originality. It also makes it possible to break through the strictness of a formal outfit and create a more casual look. Its clean, detailed and slightly casual look will refine any style.

Grenadine silk tie: These silk ties are woven exclusively in the northern Italian region of Lake Como on historic wooden looms from the early 20th century. These ties are versatile and refined, available in many lovely colours.

Wool tie: We particularly highlight the wool tie, which was the most important male accessory at the beginning of the 20th century. Its natural fibers and heat-regulating qualities make it a unique tie that must be worn under all circumstances.

Polka dot tie: The dotted tie can be used in many two and three-colour combinations. White dots underline the white of a shirt, while coloured dots create a symbiosis with other elements of the outfit.


Tie clip: Despite its small size, the tie clip is essential to ensure perfect tie fit. In 1919, the trend was more towards slim ties, so we recommend that you choose a silver slim tie to imitate Thomas Shelby's style

Cufflinks: To match the English bad boy look of the last century, we recommend that you use a pair of rectangular cufflinks (such as Corinth or Sparta). Choose Gunmetal (dark grey) to give the look a classic but very elegant touch. If you want to stay classic, wear silver cufflinks, a timeless colour that works with everything.

Noeud papillon cravate pinky blinders

Pince a cravate pinky blinders


Flanell tie: Just like the flanell tie, the flanell bow tie perfectly matches the retro look. The felty and fluffy look of the bow tie in combination with a dark colour like grey reminds of the charcoal and gang time. In addition, flanell adapts very well to tweed, the flagship of this period.

Silk: On the other hand, every decent dandy must wear silk during a ceremony or more formal event. The collared flap collar is especially suitable for wearing a self-tie bow tie, because of the smooth and shiny texture of it, it gives you charisma and an elegant look!


Now, you have all the reins in your hand to get back to Birmingham in 1919 and become a part of the Peaky Blinders. Check out now our five retro-chic style shirts available in pre-sale and play the role of a real gentleman gangster. Put your pocket watch in your pocket, your slider cap right on your head and tighten your shoelaces to reveal your mysterious Mafia side!

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