Set of 5 cotton lisle socks - Ivy League

Set of 5 cotton lisle socks - Ivy League

Colorful socks set

Colorful socks for men that do not look childish and are easy to combine with both, casual and elegant outfits. That was our idea for this colorful pack of socks. The result is a bit retro and a whole lot of class! Speaking of class, the colors of this sock set remind us quite a bit of the colors of the Ivy League schools, the eight most prestigious and oldest schools in the US. Red for Harvard, blue for Yale, green for Dartmouth, and orange for Princeton. Only our yellow pair of socks doesn't have an Ivy League school to match. Perhaps that's more fitting for the University of Michigan, one of the most famous non-Ivy League universities in the U.S., founded in 1817 and best known for its insanely popular football team.

Mercerized cotton socks

These 5 pairs of socks are knitted from what is known as cotton lisle, or mercerized cotton. But of course, not just any cotton was chosen for the mercerizing process, but fine and long Egyptian cotton. This results in super fine, soft and durable socks with intense and long color retention.

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Preassembled sock pack consisting of 5 cotton lisle socks for men. Hand-linked.

Made in Italy.
Our sock maker, whose atelier is located in Piedmont, Italy, between Milan and Lake Maggiore, has specialised in the manufacture of men's socks for over 60 years and is now run by the second generation of the same family.

100% Egyptian cotton
Traceability and Fashion, Fiducia nel Tessile, Tessile e Salute, and Cotton for Life certified

Quality guarantees:
The socks are reinforced at the heel and toe. Lisle cotton allows them to keep their colour for a long time and be more resistant. The machine used for making the socks has 40 needles more than the usual machines, offering smoothness and delicacy to the socks.

This set includes one pair of cotton lisle socks in the colours amaranth red, midnight blue, thyme green, moustard yellow and burnt orange.

This set of 5 cotton lisle socks is carefully packed in our blue gift box.

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