Touchscreen gloves in lambskin

Touchscreen gloves in lambskin

Touchscreen leather gloves - 1st generation

  • Full-grain lambskin leather gloves with nappa-finish
  • Patented and certified full touchscreen technology*
  • 100% cashmere lining
  • Traditionally handmade in Naples, Italy
  • Stiched in piqué main (abutted seam on the outside)
  • 3 stitched ribs on the back of the hand
  • Elasticated cuffs and coloured piping

*Italian Leather Research Institute Stazione Sperimentale per l'Industria delle Pelli e delle Materie Concianti (SSIP).

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Gants homme cuir tactile

When natural and innovation go hand in hand

The elegance of a leather glove with full touchscreen technology

If you prefer elegant gloves in winter, you've certainly encountered one or two problems when trying to answer a call on your smartphone or looking for your way on Google Maps. In fact, the icy winter doesn't quite suit our modern electronic devices: With leather gloves you can't use your mobile phone or GPS. And if you have tried a touchscreen glove - which only works every other time - the somewhat simple or sporty style has surely been frustrating when trying to dress elegantly.

Our leather gloves feature innovative full touchscreen technology. This means you can not only use your index finger or thumb on your touchscreen devices, but your entire palm! So you won't get frostbite when you go for a walk in winter, visit the Christmas markets or try to beat your record on Candy Crush while waiting for the bus.

To put it in a sentence, these gloves are your new high-performance gadget in an elegant and cosy package!

Gant homme tactile

Full touchscreen technology from the leather Maestri

Italy has a solid reputation in leather savoir-faire. On one of our last business trips to Naples, our glove maker presented us with a revolutionary product: high quality leather with full touchscreen properties. Thanks to a unique and innovative process, it is possible to make leather gloves which not only has touchscreen capacity on a small surface but on the entire palm and the inside of the fingers.

Certified and patented by the Italian Leather Research Institute Stazione Sperimentale per l'Industria delle Pelli e delle Materie Concianti (SSIP), the institute guarantees the quality of the leather, which does not scratch your devices. They meticulously control all the stages of the leather processing in compliance with specific design and quality standards.

Gant cuir homme tactile

The noblest natural materials

Soft Napa leather

Lamb napa leather is a smooth full grain leather, particularly popular among glove manufacturers for its incredible softness. It is this softness that ensures the leather gloves adapt perfectly to the shape of your hand. The silky smooth surface gives the touchscreen gloves a uniformous colour and texture. This type of leather is one of the most sought-after and highest-quality leather accessories.

A high-quality full grain leather

Full-grain leather is the best leather in terms of quality: barely treated, it is particularly hard-wearing! As it is obtained from the grain, the top outermost layer of the hide, natural blemishes can sometimes occur, making each piece unique. Full-grain leather is one of the most breathable leathers and has the advantage of becoming even more comfortable over time and - just like great jeans - adapt perfectly to its wearer.

Gants tactiles pour hommes

Gants homme touchscreen

gants tactiles homme

A warm and exceptionally soft lining


Cashmere is a natural wool highly valued for its exceptional softness. Clothing and accessories made of cashmere wool are especially popular in winter, when one longs for a comfortably warming cocoon. Obtained from the undercoat of the same named goat, more precisely from the long soft hair with which it survives the harsh winter in the mountains, this exceptional wool can be recognised by its silky soft touch.

Its heat-regulating and insulating properties provide optimum protection against the temperatures between autumn and spring, which are sometimes below freezing point. Unlike other types of wool, which can be unpleasantly scratchy on the skin, cashmere is soft and does not itch: it is the ideal material for your hands that may become sensitive in the cold.

Your requests have been heard and met

Before we jumped head over heels into this project, we sent, as always, a product survey to our French and international customers to find out more about your experiences with this type of gloves and what you expect from touchscreen leather gloves. Many of you were looking for an elegant design and at the same time preferred the finest natural materials for a pair of gloves that could easily match your various looks.



As far as the design goes, you have expressed the wish for different colors. We have therefore chosen 3 timeless colours that can be easily combined with your other leather accessories.


The timeless elegance of a glove like no other

The elegant touchscreen gloves blend in with the most elaborate outfits and your everyday clothing: we've designed them so that you can wear them in almost any situation. They will go just as well with your office attire as with your weekend wear when you are grocery shopping. The timeless design of these leather gloves combines the cool biker spirit with the refined elegance of the Peaky Blinders.

Black, navy blue and dark brown, these three classic winter colours can be easily combined with your other winter accessories: the dark brown pair of gloves goes well with a camel coat, a burgundy scarf, dark brown leather shoes and a matching belt, for example. The black or navy blue gloves, on the other hand, can harmonise wonderfully with shades of blue and grey. All you have to do is choose your favourite colour!

gants tactiles


Don't let the classic look of these gloves fool you! Functional like a hand, comfortable like a cashmere blanket, elegant like a beautiful leather accessory: these full touchscreen leather gloves have it all!

  • gants portables cuir
  • gants portables cuir
  • gants portables cuir
  • gants portables cuir


An Italian manufacture from the leather kingdom of Naples

2 hours of finest handwork per pair of gloves

We have placed our trust in the craftsmanship of our Neapolitan glove maker who produces all our leather gloves. Each glove is handmade: The production of a single glove takes almost 2 hours. The leather is carefully worked by Antonio's expert hands and then stretched to ensure it does not deform when worn. Do you want to know the beauty of handcraft? Every glove is truly unique! From the creation of the template to the smallest details, it is the care with which our master glove maker carries out each stage of the manufacturing process that defines the quality of our leather gloves.

Small details that make a big difference

The full touchscreen leather gloves are no exception to the attention to detail put in all our leather gloves. And since it is our ambition to offer you timelessly elegant garments and accessories, we have created a glove of the highest sophistication:

- Three decorative seams on the back of the hand

- An elastic wrist band, which adapts to you and protects your hands from the cold

- A cashmere lining that is harmoniously matched to the colour of the leather

How to choose the pair that will fit you like a glove?

Our full touchscreen leather gloves offer all the benefits of classic leather gloves - elegance, durability, comfort - combined with an innovative high-performance technology that allows you to use your touchscreen devices without having to take off your gloves.

Leather is a natural material that adapts to you and your individual measurements over time. This means the shape of the gloves adapts to the shape of your hands for unrivalled comfort and freedom of movement.

5 glove sizes are available: 8; 8.5; 9; 9.5 and 10. To find your perfect size and learn how to take your measurements, please consult our glove size guide.


Why pre-order the full touchscreen leather gloves?

With pre-orders, everyone wins!

We do, because we only produce the quantities you pre-ordered - so we have no stock to finance and no unsold items.

You, because in return for your patience we offer you a special price - thanks to our direct distribution system, the normal price of these gloves is already advantageous compared to an equivalent model of other brands; the reduced pre-order price makes them an affordable staple piece!

And finally the environment, because by matching production exactly to demand, we avoid overproduction and overconsumption. Of course we produce slightly more than the quantities ordered, so you can exchange sizes if necessary.

More than just a pair of gloves

more than a simple pair of gloves

They will fit you like a ...!

keep cool

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