Sea Island White Shirt - the most luxurious shirt

Sea Island Shirt

The Sea Island shirt is the most luxurious shirt, with a unique touch and an optimal comfort.

Discover our variety of fabrics, made in Europe in the most prestigious fabric houses.

The history of Sea Island cotton

Sea Island cotton is an extremely popular and noble cotton. Also known as "desire" cotton or the cashmere of cotton, it has very long fibers with an average length of over 35 mm. This exceptional length results in extremely fine and soft yarns. This is why the fabrics of our shirts are silky and very pleasant to wear.

chemise Sea island

A shirt with character

This luxury shirt is a formal and elegant shirt that you keep for the most important occasions. You can nevertheless wear it in a different way by combining it differently. This shirt will always give you a chic and formal look. The round white collar creates a nice retro-chic, contrasting with the thin blue stripes. A strip of fabric, called the throat, hides the Troca's mother-of-pearl buttons and purifies the line of this Sea Island shirt.

A few stylistic tips

This is a shirt with character that will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of your wardrobe gentlemen. If you would like some styling tips on how to pair your Sea Island shirt, we have a few for you. First of all, wear it with a suit, tuck it into your trousers and put on your jacket. You can choose to accessorise it for a more formal and "strict" look, we recommend an electric blue tie to bring a touch of colour to your outfit. If you prefer a less formal look, forget the tie, the round collar of this shirt already gives you a lot of allure and elegance.

chemises sea island

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